Anthony Rivera

Nickname: Ant
Graduates in 2018

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Anthony Rivera

Nickname: Ant
Graduates in 2018

5'11 | 160 | HS Junior

male | Right Handed | Left Footed

Athlos Leadership Academy
4446 Chandler
San Antonio , TX 78222

Sport: basketball

Shoots: right

Shooting Guard, Small Forward

points per game: 13

rebounds (avg per game): 7

assists (avg per game): 3

steals (avg per game): 2

  • Vertical

About Me

Humble, Dedicated

Athletic Progression

HS Junior

All around guard 2 way player

Academic Information

School: Athlos Leadership Academy

Region: Southwest

Grade: HS Junior

Graduation Year: 2018

Recruiting Information

Coach Name: Mike Lopez

Parent Name: Sandra Rivera

3 Reasons You Should Recruit Me

Reason 1: I will always look for more improvement and will always be disciplined and will always find a way to get better physically, mentally.

Reason 2: On and off the court im respectful, honest, no problems, and will always stay humble towards any situation.

Reason 3: My love for the game, it changes the way i feel and it motivates me and releases the inner me and i show who i am and how hard i work just to get here.

Preferred Region(s):

  • Southwest

Not Preferred Region(s):

  • New England